Joint venture property development, commonly known as JV in the real estate industry, is the most preferred model of development for many landowners, builders, and contractors. It is in the form of an agreement between the builder and the land owner. Through this arrangement, the landowner agrees to provide their land to the builder for development under a fixed contract. The builder then works on the project and construction based on the guidelines of the Joint Development Agreement. The landowner will receive a share of the property in the form of a flat/apartment, as per the agreed terms & conditions of the Joint venture Development Agreement. 

Usually, land owners opt for joint venture property development if they have a vacant plot that they want to develop, if the property is being divided amongst siblings or if the owner is looking to renovate the existing flat/apartment, where the FSI (Floor Space Index) is revised.

How is joint venture property development beneficial to land owners?

Ensuring appreciation in the value of the share acquired by the land owner in the form of a flat or an apartment.

The property received by the land owners will continue to earn appreciation benefits post Joint Venture development.

The flat acquired by the land owner from the share post-Joint venture property development will continue to earn the lease/rental income. Landowners can also use the same for self-residential purposes.

In some instances, we at Vignesh Homes also offer the required rental benefits to the landowners during the construction phase.

What not to worry about Joint Venture Property Development with Vignesh homes.

In most cases, landowners will receive much better value benefits through a joint venture property development program than through an outright sale model.

In the Joint Venture property development model, the land sharing ratio is a point of concern. But, at Vignesh Homes, we offer the best ratio that proves to be beneficial to the land owners.

Another concern for land owners in Joint venture property development is the payment terms. At Vignesh Homes, we make sure the payment terms meet the landowners’ expectations and mention it in the agreements as well.

At Vignesh homes, we are transparent and trustworthy. We ensure having a proper agreement and discussion, resulting in a safe and trusting deal for the land owners.

Vignesh Homes has years of experience and expertise in Joint Venture Property development. Vignesh Homes follow the required code of ethics and standards needed for quality construction. We ensure the projects are completed on time, as per the agreement.


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